Financial services during the COVID-19 epidemic

We are in the middle of an extraordinary situation.

The COVID-19 epidemic is forcing us to change our daily lives in order to protect the ones in risk. In a moment of change, it’s good to focus on stability. Most digital services, such as Ferratum’s digital financing services, continue working normally during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Important to know:

Follow the instructions provided by your local health authorities. Stay safe, take care of your hand hygiene and avoid unnecessary physical contacts.

There are no interruptions to Ferratum’s services. There are no delays in money transfers to your account.

From a financial perspective, it is always a good idea to build a financial buffer for unexpected situations.

Ferratum’s services – business as usual

Ferratum’s digital financial services continue to operate normally now and in the future. Using our services does not pose a health risk to our customers.

Our employees can work from home and we have increased the capacity of our customer service. You can reach us via our normal channels (phone, email, chat) during normal working hours.

Challenges in your personal finances?

The COVID-19 situation may have an impact on your personal finances. We recommend that you evaluate your current situation, plan ahead and anticipate future payments and finances well in advance.

For information on Ferratum’s financing options, please see the credit and loan products available on our website.

In case you have issues with Ferratum credit or loan repayments, please fill in this FORM, so that we can offer an individual solution for you.

Ideas for the weeks to come

Every change brings a seed of opportunity and positive change. Here are some ideas.

• Give your normal spending habits a critical look. Focus on the essentials.

• Shop online. Order-in quality food from nearby restaurants.

• Discover online services for learning something new.

• Support local small businesses and service providers.

• Spend more time with your loved ones, staying safely at home.

From a financial perspective, it is always a good idea to build a financial buffer for unexpected situations.

Ideally, you could have a financial buffer corresponding to 2-3 months of your net salary. Also, you should consider building this buffer from multiple sources, such as putting cash on a savings account and having credit or loan easily available.


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